What Are Must-See Attractions In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the most diverse and culture-rich cities in the world. Although Amsterdam is only small, this city is still bursting with plenty of museums and galleries to explore, whilst also boasting wonderful canal walks and outside spaces to unwind and relax in too. Famous for its liberal attitudes, Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe each year. Here are some of the must-see attractions in Amsterdam.


This museum is a great place to start your trip. Here you can discover everything you need to know about Dutch history, dating back from 1200 to the present day. Along with original works by Vermeer and Rembrandt, this museum also hosts regular one-off exhibitions too, so there is always something new to see and enjoy.

Anne Frank House

The story of Anne Frank and her diary is famous throughout the world, and here at the Anne Frank House, visitors have the opportunity to see the main house belonging to Otto Frank, where the Frank family hid with two other families in the annex. Here you can also read extracts from Anne’s original diary and see personal objects that once belonged to the Frank family. The Anne Frank House also acts as an educational resource, making it the perfect place to visit for all ages.

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his Post-Impressionist landscapes, portraits and self-portraits, and the Van Gogh Museum houses many of his most famous works. Along with paintings, here visitors can also enjoy reading Van Gogh’s letters which give a unique glimpse into the man behind the art.

For those who love Dutch art, current modern artist and designer Max Lang-Orsini have an exciting and emotive collection of artwork which can be viewed via his online portfolio for those looking to explore how Dutch art has evolved since Van Gogh.

Dam Square

As one of the most central points of Amsterdam, Dam Square provides a focal meeting point and is home to some of Amsterdam’s most notable and famous buildings.

Built during the 13th Century, here you can enjoy views of the Koninklijk Palace, also known as the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk, which often hosts a variety of exhibitions, along with the Dam Square monument, which commemorates those who perished during World War II. Dam Square is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and relax in one of its traditional bars and cafes.


Named after the poet Vondel and opened to the public in 1865, the Vondelpark is the biggest park of its kind in Amsterdam and boasts over 10 million visitors a year. Located close to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, this park is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Aside from its natural beauty, the Vondelpark also hosts concerts and open-air theatre performances in the summer months and has a restaurant, pavilion and a children’s playground, making it the ideal place to enjoy with all the family.

What Should I Not Miss When Visiting The Netherlands?

Talking of tourism, the Netherlands is a country that offers great eye-catching sites that are very ambient and quite breath-taking. Popular for its beautiful flower gardens and the windmills, there are so many other hidden gems that you may not be aware of.

Here is a list of places and things you do not want to miss out when touring this amazing country.

Keukenhof Gardens

Also known as the Garden of Europe, the Keukenhof is found in the town of Lisse. The garden holds approximately 7 million flower bulbs every year. This spectacular site tops our list of must-go places in the Netherlands.

A wonderful and magnificent site to see if you ask me. The Keukenhof gardens simply show you the beauty of mother nature with a wide range of flowers from tulips to daffodils, hyacinths, narcissi among many more. Something for all lovers of mother-nature,

The West Frisian Islands

Located in the North Sea off the Dutch coast along the edge of the Wadden sea. There are a total of 14 islands, but here are the main ones.

• Texel (Den Burg)- largest

• Vlieland (Oost Vlieland)-second largest

• Terschelling (West-Terschelling, Midsland)-third largest

• Ameland (Nes, Hollum)-fourth-largest

• Schiermonnikoog (Schiermonnikoog)-fifth largest.

While chilling at these islands, get to catch the dazzling sunset view from the beach club along the sand as you interact with the magnificent people of the Netherlands while sipping your cocktails.

Wander along the fine relaxing beaches on the mudflats or even take a bike with you and cycle along the cool shores.

WONDR Experience

This is a truly immersive experience awaits here. The WONDR is a playground sprinkled with confetti that is full of colour sensations. The place is very vibrant and full of energy and is most certainly suitable for every age.

Socials would term it as the most instagrammable place to visit, well simply because of the tons of pictures that you get to share while here. Did you know that this is Amsterdam’s first artistic playground for adults? Swing in the colourful jungle, smile in the confetti shower, sing in the

Karaoke booths, play in the ball pit as well as get to swim in a marshmallow pool.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the crowd is limited to 15 participants. All health and safety measures are, however, applied. The experience is also designed for adults; therefore, children under 10 years of age are not allowed for safety purposes.

Canal Tour

We could not leave this one out of the list, since it is certainly attractive while you tour through the streets of the cities in the Netherlands. One of which you will attest to be absolutely an experience of its own.

The trips are accompanied by a very informative tour guide that takes you through the towns’ history as you cruise through. The world-famous Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Heineken Experience, and the Royal Theater Carre could be some of the route’s drop-off points.

From romantic candlelight cruises to cheese and wine tours during the Amsterdam light festival in winter are some of the best experiences for couples. Dinner cruises, cocktail cruises and the famous pizza cruises aim to satisfy your culinary cravings. Enjoy the delicious Dutch pancakes from the pancake boats that allow sightseeing as you gobble up the stacks of pancakes.


Talking of the best cheese, have you heard of the famous ‘Goudse Kaas’, a Dutch cheese from Gouda made from cow’s milk? It is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide. Be sure not to miss some of the famous Gouda cheese cauliflower soup, cheese puffs, and of course the Gouda cheese pastries.

There you have it, start planning your next trip to the Netherlands and enjoy these and many more.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

You have likely stumbled across this article to find things to do in Amsterdam. Fear not, Amsterdam is full of entertainment and leisure centres for you to enjoy, leaving you no time to get bored.

What can you do in Amsterdam?

There are many things to do in Amsterdam, you’ll never find the time to get bored!

Tourist Locations

For those looking for the history of the dutch and the Netherlands, there is plenty of that to find. We did another article based on the Top 5 Places To Visit In Amsterdam where we went into depth about tourist locations such as; the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the history of Anne Frank and how documented her running and hiding from the nazis in World War II. 

It is definitely a good day trip and you can take a guided tour.

Restaurants & Venues

In Amsterdam, there are many different venues and restaurants built for your entertainment.


Starting us off we have a music venue full of underground entertainment and new and up-coming talented artists attempting to make a great name for themselves.

This is only half of what this venue does. That’s during the night, but during the day it’s jam-packed with a community held classes, art workshop sessions, even a radio station down below and a tennis bar in the back giving you all the more reason to visit this venue.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ

One of the most notorious original microbreweries located in Amsterdam. If you ever feel the need to have a drink and relax, Brouwerij ‘t IJ will provide you with the luxurious taste of Amsterdam that they’ve consistently provided since 1985.

Another reason why you should give the Brouwerij ‘t IJ is the restaurant section. Their food and a hot summer day whilst enjoying their signature beers give you quite the sensation and feeling of relaxation!

EYE Film Institute

This modern iconic venue across from the city centre belongs to the EYE Film Institute. For those who love film, this place is for you. For those who aren’t, this place is also for you! It houses more than just a cinema, it’s also home to a museum, restaurant, cafe and even a place for your kids to spend time running around in an educational way.


Westergasfabriek is sometimes shadowed by other parks, but this deserves the attention equally as the others. This is the best place to go out for a relaxing walk.

Westergasfabriek has three main parks, one of them being an ex-compound of industrial buildings. It has been converted into a diverse hub of many forms of entertainment. They vary massively from an art-house cinema to a microbrewery, to a coffee roastery to an arcade heaven paradise.


As a bit of trivia, it began as an old tram depot and has now become a trendy go-to place in oud-west. An extremely popular destination with more than 30 food stations and bars.

If you’re feeling a little bit hungry, Foodhallen is the best place to search for snacks to treat yourself with. Take your fancy and grab some doughnuts or grab some food from a smoking hot barbecue from a small fancy stall, perfect for when it’s a nice, hot and sunny day. Find out more about Foodhallen and what cuisines you could enjoy here.

I hope this article helps you find the perfect things to do whilst you’re out and about in Amsterdam and create memories that last with you forever! Amsterdam is a perfect place to enjoy yourself, it’s one of those things that everyone has to go at least once! Good luck on your adventures around Amsterdam, and have fun.

Written By: Max Lang-Orsini