Why Painting Soothes The Soul – Max Lang-Orsini

Art And The Soul

You have probably heard that watching paint dry can be oddly therapeutic. However, did you know that art itself can help ease and soothe the human soul? There are many mental benefits associated with art. Max Lang-Orsini, an aspiring artist has testified to turning to art as a relief and escape from the mental turmoil that life has put him through.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to self-isolation of many individuals who live alone. People working abroad or in new environments suffered depression and loneliness during the lockdown since they had no one to socialize or talk to. As humans, such isolation may have taken a toll on the minds of most people.

How Painting Art Can Benefit The Mind:

Helps Treat Or Prevent Depression

Many of the greatest artists in history such as Van Gogh, O’Keeffe, Munch and many more struggled with mental illnesses like depression at some point. This leads to the belief that artists are more likely to suffer with mental health issues.

However, a study carried out at (RCAC), Research Center for Arts and Culture, found that artists such as painters experience fewer feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression than the average person. The research also revealed that artists are more likely to have a high morale about themselves and life.

In another study, scientists found that people with moderate to severe forms of depression experienced an improvement in their mental health after taking up the creative side and started using painting and visual arts as part of their treatment.

Neuroscientists are still trying to figure out how visual art impacts the mental health of individuals. One thing for certain is that artists and painters have used their craft over the centuries to work through their emotions and express themselves during difficult and dark times in life, and sometimes to cope, it’s where the term ‘art therapy’ comes from.

Helps You Cope With Stress

Many painters claim that there is nothing else in this world as relaxing and soothing as painting. Getting into the flow of a good paint can be a relief to the mind. Painting helps to take your mind off the problems you are facing. In some cases, painting has been compared to meditation.

Therapy based on art is continuously proving to be so effective in helping people cope with stress. The special kind of paint therapy is now used as a tool for treating individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Thanks to technology, there is advance in neuroscience and imaging of the brain. Scientists are now beginning to understand what happens to the brain when you find ways to express yourself artistically through painting and other forms of art.

In Germany, researchers found that people who spent time coming up with visual arts through painting and other forms of art, showed increased levels of connectivity to their brains, during MRI scans.

The people also demonstrated great improvement in their psychological resilience. The research demonstrated that painting could help individuals cope with negative emotions during hard times, and manage to find reasons to be happy when life becomes tough.

If you have been suffering from poor mental health, maybe all you need to do is take up a painting class. As proved by research, oil on a canvas is a cheap and easy way to relieve the mind from stress and anxiety. You can also watch painting videos on YouTube, such as Bob Ross, in case you do not know how to paint and cannot enroll into a painting class.

Why Art Is More Important Than Ever In These ‘Unprecedented Times’

Why Art Is More Important Than Ever In These ‘unprecedented Times’
Why Art Is More Important Than Ever In These ‘Unprecedented Times’

It is a quarantine period and you’re probably just bored at home with nothing to do. You have to think of pastime activities, or you are bound to have very long and lazy days. Fortunately, art has in more ways than one revolutionised how people view it, especially during these unprecedented times. More people are now embracing art because they now have the time. 

Even though having public art events has become an issue; most of the artists have come up with ingenious ways to promote their works such as Maximilian Lang- Orsini. Check out some of the ways that art has increasingly influenced our ways of life during this period. 

Reasons Why Art Is Important During This Season

From the likes of Maximilian Lang-Orsini, a Netherlands based artist who has completely made a difference from his pictures and the paintings, artists have made a significant impact during this period. Here are some of the ways such artists and their works have impacted the lives of many people. 

1. Bring comfort and hope 

Every painting has a story behind it. Most of them mean to bring out inspiration to hold on to the hope that everything will be better at the end.

Everyone is facing a lot of difficult times plus, these paintings show that you are not alone. We can pull through everything together. Nevertheless, they remind us of the basics about how life is meaningful and brings a load of beauty with it. 

2. Give thanks to the front-line workers 

Front-line workers such as the NHS staff have given their all during these times. People have come up with creative ways to thank the caregivers and people who support us in the pandemic. Inspirational photographs of doctors and nurses who are on call help in making more people more appreciative and supportive of them. Also, paintings make them feel not left out and more accepted in society. 

3. Create environmental awareness 

You can’t fail to appreciate the fact that during the pandemic there has been significant improvement in the environmental aspects of our lives. Art has played a major role in this end. Places such as Hong Kong and India have seen changes in the accumulation of smog. Art has helped to educate people to be environmentally moral. 

4. Publicly raise donations 

The pandemic came with lots of challenges. These include economic standstills. It is through different artworks and virtual forums that people have been able to do fundraising to help the needy go through these times. By making auctions of the paintings, the money can go help out in buying food for the needy and also PPE’s for the various health workers. 

5. Art to set you free 

One of the major problems that came with the pandemic is that sadly it made many people become redundant and lose most of their jobs. However, art has provided a safe haven for those who show interest in it and try to make a living with it. Art offers a great choice when you have had second thoughts about your daily job. 

Wrapping up 

Art has made people give a second thought on how they live their lives. This means more people now contemplate about the future and the past. Nevertheless, art has improved judgement calls regarding our decisions as it has painted the world that was before and the world that is now. Art has given people a chance and a way to cope with these difficult times. 

Why Painters Paint, Why Artists Dream

Why Painters Paint, Why Artists Dream

Keeping your body and mind sharp is vital throughout your lives, but it becomes much more essential as you age. While keeping yourself physically fit is crucial for your overall well being, identifying an innovative outlet keeps your brain healthy while enhancing your horizons. Painting, for instance, offers a fun way to sharpen your minds. Here are some of the reasons why great painters paint.

Memory Strengthening

First, painting strengthens memory recollection skills and sharpens the mind via conceptual imagination and implementation. The individuals that often use innovative outlets, such as painting, drawing and painting have minimal chances of developing memory loss conditions as they age.

Besides, painting gives people the ability to express their emotions and feelings via pictures. Although it’s quite challenging at times, painting gives one the chance to release inner thoughts. People that paint utilises art to overcome their nervousness and convey their personality.

Build Motor & Problem-Solving Skills

Most people think that painting only enhances imaginative skills, but most would be astonished to realise it enhances critical thinking, as well. A painter needs to conceptually think to bring several solutions to life as he/she paints. What the painter thinks when starting a painting frequently changes radically as the painting progresses.

The painter’s vision changes throughout the painting process, making him or she develop crucial problem-solving skills. As a painter, thinking outside the box is a must, especially after making painting a hobby as it ultimately leads to motor skills improvement. The nimble paintbrush handling, for example, improves hand and fingers mobility. The detailed motor skills developed by a painter ultimately becomes mental shortcuts that the brain uses in everyday life.

Relieve Stress

Stress is a problem everybody deals with to some extent at one point or the other. Keep in mind that high levels of anxiety and stress lead to mental health issues. Fortunately, painting gives an emotional outlet and release for individuals struggling with stresses in their lives. Concentrating on a painting provides an individual’s mind the time to relax and release all the demands and problems causing the stress.

As people design incredible stuff through painting, it usually stimulates their creative minds while relieving mental stress. Generally, releasing anxiety through painting helps an individual in unwinding and letting go of all the pressure that stresses the mind. It is no wonder that low-stress levels lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle that enhances the overall wellbeing.

Why Do Artists Dream?

An artist is often linked with somebody who possesses the skills or talent to design something. So, dreaming in artists is often linked to their talents, skills, creativity and ability to manifest their wishes. It may also be a symbol of their ability to express their creativity and emotions. Here is why great artists, like Maximilian Lang-Orsini dream. 

Expresses Creativity

Art is generally a form of creativity. Thus, when it comes to creating something, artists are typically expressing their ideas, emotions or even thoughts to others.

Dreaming that You’re an Artist

If you see yourself as an artist in a dream, it may be a sign that you can create your life precisely the way you need it. You are the eventual creator, and it could show you have to release past feelings and emotions that may be holding your desires.

For example, the paintings you see in your dream may be symbolic of the way you presently experience emotions and events in your daily life. As an artist, dreaming in your life could also mean that you’re genuinely focused on what you do.