Direct Trains From Amsterdam To London Are Now Opening Up

Have you ever thought it was possible to travel from Amsterdam or Rotterdam to the United Kingdom? This will become possible at the end of October 2020, finally a positive to look forward to this year!

Eurostar To Launch Trains Directly From Amsterdam & Rotterdam To London

Eurostar trains will launch tickets from Rotterdam and Amsterdam directly to the United Kingdom for a cheap price of £40 (€44.35) as a sale (starts Sep 1st). The route from Amsterdam to London will take between 3h 30 minutes to 4h.

What is the Eurostar?

Eurostar is known as Europe’s connected trainway system, connecting many countries like France, Belgium and the UK. The Dutch government has recently partnered with Eurostar and Grant Shapps (UK’s Secretary Of Transport) to get a direct build this route to the United Kingdom.

This high speed train service allows for fast travel between European countries. If you want, you can get a return journey and spend a day out in your neighbouring countries for affordable prices!

Is Eurostar High Class?

No, and yes as they sell multiple ticket types which vary in price, therefore varying in the wealth department.


They sell Standard Tickets that can be exchanged up to 14 days as many times as you want before departure. The standard Tickets typically sell for £70 for adults and £35 per child. The ticket caps you to 2 bags and 1 hand luggage. You must arrive 45 – 60 minutes prior to departure!

Standard Premier

Similar to the Standard Ticket, the Standard Premier ticket can be exchanged an unlimited amount of times up till 14 days before departure. This ticket costs on average £120 and £60 per child and caps your luggage the same as the standard.

So, what’s different when compared with the Standard ticket? You get spacious seating giving you more room to relax and unwind, but to help that further, depending on the time of day, the Eurostar team will give you a light meal and drinks of your choice.

Business Premier

The Business Premier ticket is the best ticket you can get when travelling on the Eurostar. Compared to the other tickets, you will be able to board the train up to 10-20 minutes before departure (check your ticket for travel time details), however can only exchange tickets up to 60 days before departure. You can refund this ticket up to 60 days before departure whilst with the other tickets you cannot.

With the business premier, you can enjoy a luxurious setting and spacious seating. You will also be provided with a 3 course meal of your choice on your journey and can expect a taxi waiting for you at your destination!

What Will Happen During The Latest Route?

Rotterdam & Amsterdam will launch their Eurostar to the United Kingdom. You will be able to get trains from London and travel through the Channel Tunnel (English Channel) directly to Amsterdam.

You still can travel to Amsterdam now through Eurostar, but would have to stop at Belgium checkpoints first.

Both Dutch and English officials will be waiting to perform security checks on arrivals at London’s ‘St Pancras International’ and ‘Rotterdam Centraal’. There will currently be security checks at Belgium’s ‘Brussels Midi’ station by officials.

COVID-19 & It’s Effect

It’s nice to see another branch of the Eurostar open up, but what makes it worse is Coronavirus.

Eurostar has repeatedly mentioned that they deep clean their trains after every trip and new seat maps are in place to help passengers keep at a safe social distance.

Travellers from the Netherlands will have to self-isolate for 14 days as part of the Coronavirus safety measures. All passengers on the Eurostar must complete mandatory COVID-19 travel documentation rules before travelling.

Eurostar have handled the COVID-19 Pandemic extremely well so far and have been complimented by many for their efforts during this tough time.

It’s worth mentioning that their services will be slow during this time as their passenger count is almost halved to accommodate the social distancing rules. Standard seating is primarily affected by the outbreak rules but your patience is appreciated by Eurostar staff.

Written By: Max Lang-Orsini