How Ethnically Diverse Is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one city that has a unique and definitive character in terms of its culture among other European cities. Many people have chosen it as a home and it has over 180 nationalities from across the world. This has made it the most diverse city in Europe as it accommodates different cultures with a large number of people coming from Morocco and Turkey.

Many ethnic minorities move to Amsterdam thus make it one city with the highest diverse groups. They have made the capital their home city and introduced their cultures. Thinking about moving to Amsterdam? Currently, you have to present a COVID-19 test that shows you safe to relocate to the Netherlands.

Diversity in Amsterdam

Maximilian Lang –Orsini, an artist living in Amsterdam describes the city to be quite ethnically diverse. Besides, the great diverse culture gives a market to his artwork. Also, there has been an influx in the number of ethnic groups that move here making the city incredibly well-rounded. Consequently, there is a good chance that over the next few years most people in Amsterdam will be born abroad and will have their grandparents overseas.


Amsterdam has different communities that have their way of life. This is what makes Amsterdam vibrant and multi-faceted. 

There is unlimited freedom to join any community you want and make friends with. People here have a rich cultural heritage in arts, food and music. Be part of any community and enjoy the culture.

Social life

Ethnical diversity brings about a huge variety of social life habits. There are different food joints, cafes and bars that offer a different kind of stuff. Maximilian Lang-Orsini finds the city good to promote his Dutch artwork by interacting with the tourists and expats who travel to Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is a jovial city that rich in culture and bursts with a lot of attractions in the world. Additionally, the beautiful artwork is worth it. For instance, if you love Dutch art then there is a range of artwork to view from different ethnicities. 

You can get souvenirs or buy exhibits to take to your country. This diversity makes it a perfect place for all people from different countries.

Queer groups

This capital boasts as the best go-to place for any sexuality. Bisexuals can thrive freely as there are also laws that protect same-sex partnerships. Besides, this means there is zero discrimination against anyone and you can enjoy your life your way.

Anti-discriminatory measures

Amsterdam has people of different races, sexuality and social background. Therefore, as a capital that values diversity in society, there are policies in place regarding migrants. It has a firm stance regarding discrimination that protects each person and goes as far as funding the ethnic minorities. Furthermore, the extensive cultural life gives room for a socially fulfilled life for whichever community you choose to partake in.

Bottom line

Different ethnic minority groups move to Amsterdam making its ethnical diversity be at its peak. There are over 180 nationalities in this capital and it is attracting more due to the quality of life there. Moreover, don’t miss out on the great lifestyle and lot of culture in Amsterdam.

By Max Lang-Orsini

How Ethnically Diverse Is Amsterdam? – Max Lang-Orsini

If you are thinking of travelling to Amsterdam, you will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test before entering.

Amsterdam is known as one of the most ethnically diverse places in the entirety of Europe. But, putting this at competition with the rest of the world, how exactly is ethnically diverse within Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

The Diverse Ethnicity Within Amsterdam

To put this in perspective, Amsterdam has one of the largest numbers of ethnic minorities not just in the EU, but across the globe. The past 5 or so decades has been the most crucial for Amsterdam’s diversity within ethnic groups and has seen many ethnicities from different countries travel here. It is said that half of Amsterdam is expected to have grandparents from another country.

The Legal Measures

Typically, diversity within a country usually means there will be legal measures put in place to avoid discriminatory beliefs. There are many put in place, regardless if it’s race or sexuality or even gender, Amsterdam speaks loudly on their stance against discrimination.


Since amsterdam speaks loud and clearly about their diverse society, the time and effort it devotes to protecting the fundamentals of Amsterdam is incredible. It is known that Amsterdam even funds the small formation of ethnic minority groups.

You’d be surprised to hear that in 1996, the ‘Municipality of Amsterdam’ added a code of conduct for their local authority and employees to help prevent complaints and scenarios where anti-discrimination takes place.

This Municipality has implemented five points to help the shaping policies of the incoming migrants to Amsterdam. The services in Amsterdam need to reflect its ever changing population, and these policies are in place to help reflect that.

Emancipation Of Women

Many experience discrimination, even based on their sexuality and Amsterdam stands strongly against this. Amsterdam created a service to deal with complaints regarding the legal and social aspect of women in society since 1995.

Furthermore, the addresses of hundreds of organisations that have helped provide aid for the emancipation of women have been included in the yellow pages for women. This was published by the Multicultural Emancipation Bureau.

Amsterdam & It’s Support Of The LGBT Rights

The dutch capital that is Amsterdam, is listed by the ‘International Gay Travel Association’ as the best destination to travel to for those that are of another sexuality than heterosexual. The city of Amsterdam and it’s actions are clear that they focus on fighting discrimination against members of the LGBT community.

There is a memorial (the homomonument) to remember the dark times that occurred, this is located near the Westerkerk church. The memorial includes three pink triangles dedicated to the victims of discrimination and mental & physical harm of those within the LGBT community.

The former mayor of Amsterdam saw the entire countries first same-sex marriage back in 2001. A historic event was made after four same-sex couples took a moment to sign the register, allowing them to enjoy the legal status the heterosexuals experience.

The Netherlands introduced the registration of same-sex partners back in 1998, and the legislation was approved by the Dutch government in December of the year 2000.

From reading this article, it is safe to say that Amsterdam is a well diverse city, and with it’s ever-so-fast population growth rate, the diversity will only further increase. Amsterdam has a great culture, especially in art, and I would encourage you to get a glimpse at this incredible city.

Written By: Max Lang-Orsini