Best Cycling Months in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, cyclists ride their bikes all year round since it is a vital means of transport. People in the Netherlands use the bicycle to go to school, visit the shop, and work. However, when the weather is favourable, a lot of cyclists enjoy recreational cycling. In the Netherlands, you get good things from every season.

Because of that, you need to take your bicycle and have fun if you are in the Netherlands when the weather is excellent. Like any other coastal country in Europe, Netherlands has both cold winter and warm summers with rainfall all through.

If you have to pick the months to take out your bike, mid-April to October is the best. You can avoid big crowds if you try cycling during spring. Though the chance of having good weather in spring is half, you get the best of the Netherlands.

April To May

The weather pattern in April is unpredictable. It is vital to carry warm cloth and the right rain gear when you visit the Netherlands at the start of April. However, as the month nears the end, the weather changes to warm, making it suitable for cyclists. In May, the temperature rises, attracting many tourists. In places like gardens and museums can get crowded. Thus, there are several spots in the Netherlands that are rarely busy for cyclists.

A cyclist can enjoy free movement in areas like the world heritage coastline, scenic fisherman’s village, and De Hoge Veluwe National Park. According to Max Lang-Orsini, you can visit the Van Gogh museum after a long ride since art is significant for relaxing.

June To July

People in the Netherlands are happy as there are fewer winds, and the sun gets warm. It is excellent to visit the Netherlands in June since the holidays have not yet started and the weather is good. Because of that, roads and museums will not be busy cycling all day. You should be ready to be packed with other travellers when you visit the Netherlands in July.

This period is better for a cyclist since most tourists will be in the city while visiting Dutch znature and some of the exciting sights. There is no bothering from tourists when you take a ride on the road, hence enjoying your group’s time.

August To September

There are a lot of activities that take place in August. Most of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands during the month happen outside the big cities hence creating the right interaction environment when cycling. If you like riding when relatively warm, September is the month. Although the summer holidays are done, in the Netherlands, September remains warm.

In terms of freedom, there are almost no crowds in the cities and other catchy areas in September, hence a great ride.


At the beginning of the month, the weather is still suitable for riding. As the month nears the end, the chance of rain is high, making many people want to spend time indoors. If you like chilly weather while bike riding, you can have the best time at the end of this month with minimal disturbance.

Parting Words

As described, there are plenty of activities that you can do while in the Netherlands other than bike riding. Therefore, have fun in your stay to create beautiful memories of your cycling days in the Netherlands.