Has Coronavirus ruined Christmas for us all?

Has Coronavirus ruined Christmas for us all?

It’s been a year since the start of the global pandemic, which has changed people’s lives in significant ways. Most people were not expecting the pandemic to still be here by Christmas. Sadly, the situation keeps getting worse, and its impact on the holiday season is recognisable.

The Question is How Has Covid-19 Affected Christmas and Will We Be Able to Adapt and Survive This?!

The impacts of coronavirus on the Christmas holiday season are numerous. Below are a few;


The Christmas season is often characterised by family and friend gatherings. It is a time of the year when families come together to celebrate and have a good time. However, one of the most significant impacts of coronavirus is that it has led to movement and crowd restrictions. This was done to decrease and mitigate the infection rate by as much as possible.

Families cannot travel to get together. Even those families that live in the same state or city cannot risk spending time together because of the advice against crowding. Social distancing as explained by the public health is crucial, and unfortunately during the festive season, it still is. 

To maintain the coronavirus pandemic, the prime ministers in most or if not all European Countries have told everyone to stay in a bubble when celebrating Christmas with close family or friends.

Most people, like Maximilian Lang-Orsini, who is ‘Heartbroken to be spending Christmas in Amsterdam, away from his Ireland and Germany-based family, but stoic and intending to enjoy a Merry Christmas in Amsterdam!’ have to deal with this. This is not how most people would like to spend their time.


Most people love to travel and vacation during the Christmas season. However, this may not be possible this year because of the pandemic. 

Travelling at this time is equivalent to putting your health and that of your family at dire risk. The most popular vacation locations in the world are currently in lockdown. If you are to go out, then don’t forget to wear a face mask.


The pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy of the world in general. Hundreds of thousands of people in different parts of the world have lost their jobs following the pandemic. 

Due to the Coronavirus Strain, companies have had to shut down their operations and let go of a significant number of their employees and clients. This means that most families are currently struggling to make ends meet. The Christmas season is coupled with a lot of expenses. 

Sadly, this year, many people have to change the way they celebrate because of financial challenges. So for some, Christmas Shopping will not be a thing. Despite this, we can still turn things around.

How can you adapt to the changes and still celebrate Christmas this year?

While the pandemic’s negative impacts are numerous, you don’t have to have a terrible Christmas. The best thing about human beings is that we are adaptable and can learn to make the best out of most situations. 

After going through the pandemic for a year, most people have already started adapting to the problem. Below are some ways through which you can make the best out of the Christmas holiday despite the pandemic;

Quarantine beforehand

The best thing to do during this Christmas season would be to spend time with your immediate family and not risk being in a crowd. However, most people have gone almost a year without seeing their loved ones and friends. 

If you have to see your family this holiday, the best thing to do would be to sacrifice some time in quarantine so that you can ensure the safety of your family when you meet. This means you will be able to have a get together while remaining safe.

Prioritising only the traditions that matter the most

It would help if you thought about the holiday and what matters the most. You can still keep some of your traditions, like putting up holiday celebrations and making special foods, while still staying safe.

Shop online

While you may not be able to go to the mall or the market to shop for gifts for your loved ones, you can still get them something special from online stores. Just make sure you do this early so that you don’t miss out.


Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Despite the pandemic, you can still have a good time and keep some of your favourite traditions. Just make sure you keep yourself and your family throughout the celebrations.

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