Life In Amsterdam: A Modern Look At An Ancient City – Max Lang-Orsini

The city of Amsterdam has been grossly affected by the lockdown. The ancient city relies on tourism to keep going. With the onset of the lockdown, the famous cannabis cafes were closed down, social areas were sealed off, the famous Red Light District closed and hefty fines charged on anyone that is found breaking these rules. This has made life very hard for people like me.

My name is Max Lang-Orsini and this is how life has hit foreigners like me since the onset of Covid19.

COVID-19 – Amsterdam

Unfortunately, there have been three Covid19 waves in the city. Every time we thought the city was opening up, we were forced back to quarantine. Artists and curio sellers like myself found ourselves in a catch 22 situation where there were no tourists to sell our artwork to and no locals willing to take some. While the government came up with a few measures to help us cope with the pandemic, much of the assistance was too little, too late.

For the better part of the year 2020, I have been struggling to make ends meet, while one wave after the other led us to sink even deeper into the financial crisis. At the start of the Covid19 pandemic, there was fear that spread across the city. All of a sudden, we all felt dirty and vulnerable.

As the numbers rose around the world, the few friends I knew also took a hit. Two weeks after the first case of coronavirus in the country, I lost a friend and two more were hospitalised.

Our jovial city was engulfed into tears and horror as new numbers of the dead were read each day. I once had the flu and tonsillitis and was shell shocked when I went for a test. Luckily, I did not have the virus. On the other hand, the new regulations from the ministry of health created a shift in how things run around the city.

People were suddenly afraid of each other. The social gatherings where we would joke, hug and play with friends went suddenly quiet.

I remember visiting the local supermarket and it was crazy how no two people could shop next to each other. You even felt hard to pick a product on the shelf where you had seen someone return the product. At some point, I also stopped visiting the supermarkets unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, something happened. After the end of the first wave, people became less afraid of the pandemic. They had to be reminded each day that the virus was still around and taking more lives.

It is only after the second wave hit the people came back to their senses that the virus was around. Besides, the police had very high fines that made anyone think of breaking the rules to think twice.

The dark cloud had a silver lining too. The huge number of tourists that visited the country each day halted to a stop. We could, at last, breathe some fresh air and walk along quiet streets. It seemed we were having our city back.

People are now lobbying the government to put restrictions to cut the number of visitors. We are still struggling to make ends meet but are positive that things will get better. Some restrictions are still in place but much of daily life has come back to the norm.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad for Looking After Your Mental Health

It is completely normal for people to feel stressed during this ongoing pandemic. In this time, most cases of mental illness arise and the results are often devastating. Remember that everyone is under pressure and it is your responsibility to make sure you stay sane and healthy.

Guilty Pleasures during a Global Pandemic: Why you shouldn’t Feel Bad 

It is evident that people staying in quarantine have a socioeconomic and physical impact. These impacts affect the mental wellbeing of a person. However, keeping it positive and having no regrets about what you do is important for your mental health. You should not feel guilty about treating yourself to the finer things in life for the sake of your mental health. 

Here are some of the reasons why.

The need to have better relationships

The first relationship you can have is with yourself. How you choose to treat yourself will ultimately impact how you will relate with other people. Treating yourself with respect is well deserved and it will determine the level of self-esteem you have. For this reason, it builds up the level of confidence you have in whatever you do.

Mental health is a determinant of a good marriage life. During a pandemic, this is the time that you fully spend time with your partner. 

You may find some characters that may make you mad. However, finding ways to cope up with this issue will help you become mentally healthy. It may include taking an interest in art from people like Maxmillian Lang-Orsini.

After spending so many days away from his Irish family during the pandemic, he said, “Painting and other new hobbies have kept me sane. I think you maybe have to indulge yourself a little more than in other years, and just not feel so guilty about it.”

Increases discipline and develop a stronger work ethic

Due to increased stress levels, people become depressed, which is mentally disturbing for many people and it may cause dangerous effects. With a better mindset, the discipline you have at the workplace becomes stable. 

On a day to day basis, it can increase productivity. It means that with discipline, you will have a change in work performance and not make you feel worse.

We’re all in the same boat during the pandemic. Sure, there are some people who have a better outcome than others. But if we remember to have a good care routine and push yourself to do something you could never have done pre-pandemic. Now is the time to do it.

Boosts physical health

Physical health is related to the mind. The more you engage in physical exercises, the more you become fit. With many exercises, the body releases endorphins responsible for people’s happiness. 

Remember that the food you eat, the amount of sweat you pour have an important part to play in the wellbeing of your body and the brain. This can help you feel good as well as having a healthier looking body.

Doctors encourage being more active by going to the gym, hiking or biking to build up self-confidence. It will reduce cases of depression and anxiety popping up. This has been medically reviewed and proven to do so. 

Although going to the gym now may not be possible. Home workouts are still an option.

To improve your quality of life

Controlling your life is important for you to live a stress-free life. People have many responsibilities in life. Due to this, it is inevitable to develop migraine, fatigue and muscle tension. Through managing the stress that life comes with, you will hand an upper hand in obtaining a better life.

There are various activities that you can involve yourself in to make it easier to maintain better lives. These activities may involve hobbies such as singing, dancing and taking part in good art from Maximilian Lang-Orsini.


It has been a tough year for everyone. It is important to reduce the impact that comes with the pandemic, especially mental health-related issues. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their body, mind and soul. However, you should not feel guilty about how you choose to make yourself better. 

It can be by dancing like nobody’s watching or knitting a sweater. Do whatever makes you happy.